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"Bill has been so easy to work with. He is always on time, is prepared and is always looking for ways to make the user experience easier to produce more engagement/customers. He has always done everything he as said he was going to do and is open to quick changes."
"Bill was awesome. We saw a 20% lift in our client's conversion rates because of the process Bill implemented to learn about what would remove friction and add trust for our target customers. Will definitely work with him again."

Conversion Research

Good CRO is 90% research and 10% testing. We dig deep into both quantitative and qualitative data to build an understanding of the customers and visitors on your site.

Diving into web analytics data, heatmaps and session recordings identifies drop-offs, points of friction and builds a picture of what is happening on the site.

The next step is to figure out why these things are happening. Gaining insight from your customers and visitors is the key here. We’ll look at both what they say and what they do (the difference can be huge) to understand the ‘why’.

Research will create a data-backed, prioritised list of issues and ideas for changes which can then be implemented or tested to increase conversion rates.

Here are some of the sources we use to build our conversion research:

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  • Analytics Data
  • Heatmaps
  • Session Recordings
  • Usability Audits
  • Visitor Surveys
  • Customer Surveys
  • Customer Interviews
  • User Testing
  • CS Transcripts & Insights
  • Insights from Sales Staff
  • Scientific Studies
  • Heuristic Analysis
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Implement & Monitor

With less than 700 conversions (purchases, signups etc.) p/month, the best route forward is to simply implement the research-backed changes in one go. The performance impact of these changes on key metrics is then carefully monitored using Analytics.

Why no A/B testing? Testing requires really substantial volumes of traffic and numbers of conversions in order to yield accurate (statistically valid) results. If you test with numbers which are too small, you get a lot of false results and implement changes which in reality don’t make an impact.

A/B Testing

Randomised testing is the highest level of proof you can get. Understand exactly which changes are making an impact and if implementation is worthwhile.

We’ll design tests based on prioritised hypotheses from our conversion research. Then, we build the tests, monitor them and analyse their results with statistical rigour.

How many tests per month? This is mainly decided by your traffic levels, typically between 1-8 tests a month strikes a good balance between thorough research and testing velocity.

Get a free 5-point CRO Audit for your site now

Analytics Services

Having accurate and comprehensive data in your analytics platform is the foundation for CRO and broader marketing success.

GA = Google Analytics, GTM = Google Tag Manager

  • GA Health Check
  • Full GA Audit
  • GA Implementation
  • GTM Implementation.
  • Data Studio Implementation
  • Complete Analytics – GA, GTM & Data Studio Implementation

Landing Pages

Effective, conversion optimised landing pages are the cornerstone of successful marketing campaigns.

We use Voice of Customer data alongside conversion research to guide our landing page creation.

  • Landing Page Conversion Audit
  • Full Conversion Optimised Landing Page Creation

Consulting & Support

Running your own in-house CRO program or experiments? Get lightweight, flexible support via video call and email. 

Also a great option for smaller sites seeking a budget-friendly, high impact option.

  • One-off 1 hour CRO consultation
  • Ongoing CRO support via scheduled calls & email.
"Bill helped a lot with Google Optimize, thank you!"
"Bill is outstanding! Our time with him has been extremely valuable for us. He not only has a great attitude, very professional, friendly, always on time, but has added great strategic direction."
"Great communication, quick to respond, and changes to the ongoing project happened quickly and with little effort. Clean code as well, highly recommend!"
"Bill has been great! He is super quick to respond to questions with clear explanations, the reporting has been super useful and he's quick with implementing all of our tests. Would recommend!"

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